Eduardo Ramirez


Traveling project manager

I learned to hurry up! Prontomize! working in contact center environments, sales assignments, and I.T. project management career. Being efficient with my time allowed me to process more transactions, close more deals, manage more projects all over the USA and Colombia, and helped me lead others by example to do the same.  Prontomize is a Spanglish word that I invented that means: Hurry up! Being on time is a matter of integrity and a way of life.

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Bill Daly 

Senior IT Manager

        May 5, 2011, Bill managed Eduardo directly 

Eduardo is a seasoned,  exceptional project manager.  He possess all of the skills necessary to structure and complete all projects on-time and with high quality.  He is skillful and comfortable in completing simple and complex projects.  A self-starter, Eduardo is accountable and  holds project members accountable for completing their tasks and assignment on-time and with the expected outcomes.   Once Eduardo is assigned a project he accepts ownership and requires little to no coaching or assistance to get the job done.  He communication and follow up skills are second to none.

Keith Jefferson 

Owner at PK Business Marketing

        November 20, 2008, Keith was a client of Eduardo’s         

I endorsed Eduardo for the assignment in Colombia and he did an excellent job for the company during his assignment.  I first meet him when he was a sales consultant and later learn of his extensive business operations and collections experience later.  He helped train and then manage the local team in Bogota and also worked to help bridge the cultural gap between our numerous ex-patriot employees and the local Colombian team.    I highly endorse Eduardo's efforts and would and did hire him again.

Steve Clayton Steve Clayton
 Vice President - IT Infratructure/Operations/Security at MORI
           November 16, 2008, Steve was senior to Eduardo but didn’t manage directly         
     Eduardo was a very professional and dedicated PM for my team. His Director always assigned him the most challenging projects       because of his ability to deliver. I would highly recommend him. ... See more

David Kuhl David Kuhl
 Vice President, Information Technology | Interim CIO
           October 28, 2008, David managed Eduardo directly         
     Eduardo is an excellent Program Manager with strong delivery and superb negotiation skills.  He led us to success in our implementation of Single Sign On for our new generation of Customer Care applications at AT&T Wireless while achieving       software licensing cost reductions and on time delivery. 

Kevin Kuhne 


        April 7, 2011, Kevin managed Eduardo directly         

Eduardo is exactly the kind of professional any individual would want on his team. High energy level, creative, professional and can always be counted on to go above and beyond expectations are all part of what makes Eduardo a solid individual. I would work with       Eduardo any time. 

Becky Alamat Massey 

Assistant Vice President, Customer Services at AT&T

        November 17, 2008, Becky worked with Eduardo in different groups         

I worked with Eduardo Ramirez early in his career when he was an Account Executive for McCaw Cellular Communications and I was the Manager of our Credit, Activations and Receivables teams.  My teams needed to interface with Eduardo as he submitted sales for credit and activations review. I always found Eduardo to be highly professional, very committed to doing the "right thing" for both the company and his customer, and very skilled at coordinating across functional teams to accomplish whatever needed to get done.  I appreciated Eduardo's partnership with my Credit/Collections team because he fully understood the entire business process from sales through the care and collection of outstanding receivables, and I feel it made him a more effective sales person as a result.

Sean Simon 

Lead Principal Architect at AT&T Mobility

        November 16, 2008, Eduardo worked with Sean in the same group         

Eduardo and I worked several projects together during a period of expansion for ATT Wireless.  At the time, the company was seeking to expand its influence and grow its subscriber base through the acquisition of numerous regional providers.   Eduardo and I worked through several of them, each one was different.  One critical area in which Eduardo was able to add considerable value was his participation in building a repeatable business process for these large corporate acquisitions.  His professionalism, determination, focus and experience were essential to building quality relationships with acquired personnel during periods of dramatic change.  These are skills which are not taught in Graduate school.  Eduardo excelled at accomplishing organizational goals while having a positive impact on the group. 

Peter H. Gregory 

CISO | VCISO | board advisor | author 40+ books | mentor | keynote speaker | adjunct faculty | seeks advisory board opps

        November 16, 2008, Eduardo worked with Peter H. in the same group         

I had the pleasure to work with Eduardo on a large single sign on (SSO) project at AT&T Wireless in 2000-2001.  This was a large project in every sense of the word: the project team was large, the price tag (millions) was large, the RFP had hundreds and hundreds of questions, and the project was slippery as an eel because of its high value and high impact on the organization. Eduardo was the PM for this project, and he guided it with the quiet fortitude of a steamship captain, with confidence and competence. He guided this project to a highly successful conclusion that brought the right solution at great cost savings to the company. I hope to work with him again someday.

Peter W. Lang 

CTO at Treasury Curve

        November 16, 2008, Peter W. was senior to Eduardo but didn’t manage directly         

Eduardo is a diligent and "get it done" PM who has s great grasp on the common project methodologies and executes them well but adds his driven personality to get team members to meet timelines and deliverables.   There are many PM's out there trained in project scheduling, requirements, development and who understand the waterfall phases,  but few who differentiate themselves as real leaders.  I recommend Eduardo as one of these types of PM's. 

James Vallejos 

Piping Designer at Zion Engineering, LLC

        March 24, 2016, James was a client of Eduardo’s         

Eduardo's advice for getting the maximum employer response to my resume was invaluable. Not many people will go out of their way to help you like he does. Thank you Eduardo! Sincerely, James       Vallejos 

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