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Get the right solution for your specific voice-data-cloud opportunity. We work with over 100 telecom service providers. Click here to see the list. 

E. Ramirez, Project Manager  

Hosted PBX System

Hosted PBX

Save with Cloud-based solution that eliminates the need to spend tens of thousands of dollars for the “brain” of the system that is mounted in a phone closet. Conversely, the “brain” is in the Cloud and all that’s required are pre-programmed handsets that simply see an IP address and thus provide dial tone. Hosted systems are the perfect solution for both single-business locations and large multi-location clients.

unified communications

Unified Communications

Improve productivity and responsiveness while reducing IT costs, and simplifying user experience, while using extensive list of services and applications: Voice Calls, Email, Instant Messaging, Calendar, Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, Desktop Sharing, Real Time Availability, Customer Relations Management (CRM), Accounting systems, Resource Planning Systems.


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